The Fig Eater by Jody Shields

The Fig Eater

Jody Shields

A dark and chillly crime thriller set in Freud's Vienna. You can smell and taste the atmosphere. The sensation of decay and death is very close in this eerie strange story. The plot keeps you guessing and you can expect some shocks.

It is still light outside when the Inspector comes home to find Erzsebet in the kitchen .... He sets his hands on her shoulders, and she shakes her head and moves away, smelling the disinfectant on him. Without a word, he goes to wash his hands, having carried the odour of the dead girl's body across the city to her.

When Erzsebet smelled the disinfectant, the scent of the girl on his hands, she suddenly wished to possess her. To understand the puzzle of how her life led to her death. To know her.

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