The German Boy by Patricia Wastvedt

The German Boy

Patricia Wastvedt

No quick shower this, more a long, luxurious soak in the bath! The writing is pure pleasure, but, in addition, the narrative will keep you engrossed throughout. The story opens in 1947 with the first appearance of the eponymous German Boy. Then it moves back 20 years, returning gradually to the 1940s by the end. Stefan (the German Boy) only features at either end of the book, but is, nonetheless, pivotal to the story. I'll read this again!

Elisabeth, here are the papers you will need. They have been prepared carefully and there should be no difficulty. You and George must sign where I have marked. The witnesses have already signed.
She belongs to you now. If she ever asks you must say you know nothing about me. She must never know who I am. Promise me. You think you understand how it is in Germany, but you do not.
Please don't write any more, and if you must for any reason, I ask you from my heart to make sure you never mention her. No one must know. I beg you.
Please don't think badly of me.
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