Bloodland by Alan Glynn


Alan Glynn

All the ingredients of a pacy, contemporary thriller are present: intrigue, corruption, fear, and betrayal. Amongst a myriad of characters, Jimmy Gilroy, a young investigative journalist, is the catalyst as he reveals long-buried secrets of some of the world's most powerful men. He proves that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword in a novel that left me well and truly hooked until the very end.

At all times he has been surrounded - cocooned ... and there has never been the slightest question about his safety, but something about the ... atmosphere, clammy and dense, and the people, staring faces seen in the distance, harsh voices carried on the air ... he doesn't know, there's a general hard-to-define looseness here, a dreamlike, nightmarish feeling that everything is about to fall apart, slide into chaos, and it bothers him, it's like an incipient headache, or a rising wave of nausea.
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