The Hellhound Sample by Charles Shaar Murray

The Hellhound Sample

Charles Shaar Murray

This renowned rock journalist's debut novel tells the story of three generations of a successful musical family who, despite their bitter feuds and many secrets, gather for the first time in decades to create a Blues album, the dying wish of the patriarch. A music lover will get a lot from this book but others, like me, will enjoy the plot twists and family dynamics.

And something loosened inside Blue. It was the strangest feeling he'd ever had. It was a little bit like what happened sometimes when he was playing, when he stopped thinking and planning and composing in his head and just went to a timeless place deep down inside himself, where he was no longer choosing what note or lick to hit next but almost sitting back and listening to what he was playing, surprising himself by the sounds his fingers were making come out his his amplifier. It was moments like that kept him going, moments when he felt warm, free and clear, wired direct to the mains power of the universe singing right through him.
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