Kimjongilia by Victor Fox


Victor Fox

This is a world of deceit, lies, idealism, commitment, self-serving, death, murder, invasion, resistance and sex - China and Korea from the Japanese invasion of the 1930s onwards. With Kim-il-Sung as one of the central characters, this is not sweetness and light. But you will want some people to survive. And it leaves you with a question: how did Chin Ho turn into the nice old man who has written the story down? Unless it's not Chin Ho ...

He collapsed in a chair. 'I thought instead of sending Peter to give her the news about your pregnancy I should have gone myself. I got to her house and knocked, but the door wasn't closed. I knew something was wrong. She would never leave it open. I ran in. She was on the couch. I thought she was sleeping, so I called out, but she didn't move. When I drew near, her eyes were wide open - she was dead.'
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Explicit sexual content