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Margarita García Robayo

The line between what’s real and what’s imagined blurs wildly in this short, impactful story where a writer, who is far from home, battles with the scars she carries from her fractured family relationships. Whilst it looks at motherhood, loss and belonging you never feel that it is a novel of themes. Instead I was caught up in the day to day life of this writer, and her spiralling descent from reality.


If I wanted to talk about love, I would replace that word with another. Which one? Bewilderment, that’s what occurs to me now. I feel dizzy. Sometimes that happens to me with words. Like being a carpenter who’s allergic to sawdust. There are words I have forbidden myself, more and more of them all the time, and I have trouble finding new ones to replace them.

  • Elena Knows by Claudia Pineiro