Africa Junction by Ginny Baily

Africa Junction

Ginny Baily

Adele, unhappy with her life in Devon, thinks she might 'repair' things by returning to Africa where she grew up. She hopes to find her long lost African friend whom she feels she betrayed in her childhood.
This is very much a tale of two halves. The chapters set in Britain describe a very conventional way of life. In contrast, those set in West Africa are exciting, brilliantly colourful and atmospheric. A promising first novel.


'Fatima has gone away. She's got a job in another country,' she said. 'It's a very good job where she will be able to continue her education and will be hosted by a respectable family.'
'What country?'
'Ivory Coast,' she said.' 'Or it might be Nigeria.'
'What nonsense is this?' He'd never spoken to his mother like that.
'A man came. A business man. He was recruiting young people to go and work on cocoa plantations and in people's houses. He wore a suit. He paid a fee. It's a guarantee. I've kept it safe. I haven't used any of it.'
Boubacar had heard of this business, these child traffickers during his travels in the south. 'Where is this man?' He said.
'He went with them. I'm waiting for a letter.' He took a step back. 'Don't get you hopes up,' he said. 'You've sold her.'

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