The Art of Murder by Jose Carlos Somoza

The Art of Murder

Jose Carlos Somoza

Don't judge this book by its simplistic title - as the works of art in this novel make Damien Hirst's 'sheep in formaldehyde' look as innocuous as a Rolf Harris painting. Longer than the average novel, this mystery thriller will certainly make you consider 'what is art?'.

An hour later, and she was ready. She stood in a corner of the room in her usual position: right leg raised, with the luminous sphere attached to her ankle; left leg bent at a right angle, her backside in the air. The pose meant her genitals were in full view of everyone, but the first thing a Lamp learns - inevitably - is not to feel ashamed. She was switched on at half-past nine. Out of the corner of her eye she could make out Opphulus Chairs, and a huge Lamp by Dominique Perrin made up of a man and a woman which had just been installed on the ceiling. This must be a very important meeting.
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