Consent by Leo Benedictus


Leo Benedictus

If you want to be nearly scared to death, this is the book for you. The anti-hero is clearly insane, but not in a good way. You really do not want this man stalking you - he's your worst nightmare. Think of Mr Hyde's truly wicked alter ego, with a great deal of technical knowhow, or a well-read Freddy Krueger. Oh, and you may need to have the sick bowl to hand.

In the front room they tell her what has happened, the fire remains cold in the grate, a woman and a man. The woman does the talking. She is good at it, quiet and slow, giving each piece its time. To look at, she's all hands in her lap and level eyes and sorrowful resolve like a hangman's. It would be her speciality, the grief knock, a matter of repute down the station, and delegated gladly. Frances wonders whether this woman also gave the news to Will's wife, Sophie. She thinks of Sophie this morning, gathering the girls.
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