An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma

An Orchestra of Minorities

Chigozie Obioma

An Igbo guardian spirit appears before a divine court to defend Chinonso, his host, from an unspecified charge. All we can surmise is that Chinonso has done something dreadful. And so, we are taken through Chinonso's life story to explain how a young chicken farmer in southern Nigeria came to be facing this charge, whatever it is. You will be transfixed as you learn about Igbo cosmology and how a Nigerian Heathcliffe meets his fate.

Ebubedike, after he bought the prized white rooster, he embarked on the journey back to Umuahia with delight. Even when it struck him that he'd spent a longer time in Enugu than he'd intended and had not fed the rest of his flock for much of that day, it did not dampen his spirits. Not even the though of them engaging in a mutiny of angry cackles and crows, as they often did when they were hungry, the kind of noise that even distant neighbours complained about, troubled him
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