Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekback

Wolf Winter

Cecilia Ekback

Historical fiction set in Swedish Lapland where the landscape is cold and barren and living is hard. Add a substantial side dish of murder and community secrets and the whole is intriguing, creepy and full of mysterious spirits. It was hard to put this one down.

'So what are you?' she asked. 'One tree that had enough and split into four, or four trees that decided to grow up together for support?' The tree didn't answer. She reached out to touch its side and ended up leaning against it. A wife who doesn't care that her husband is gone for three days; a man who laughs when he finds out his brother is dead; and a priest who doesn't want to know. She thought of Henrik's son saying the mountain was bad, and remembered the piece of wood set up to point to the sky... she had seen similar things before, a long time ago.
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