Beton Rouge by Simone Buchholz

Beton Rouge

Simone Buchholz

Great characters, fuelled by huge quantities of alcohol and tobacco. Bizarre plot stretching back thirty years (revenge is a dish best served cold). Set in modern and a very atmospheric Hamburg which really comes alive in this second novel featuring the Public Prosecutor, Chastity Riley. Even if crime is not your favourite genre you will find something here.


He holds the cage door open, and the paramedic crawls towards the man - a somewhat pasty blond - and lays that old favourite, the foil blanket around his shoulders. Lienen stands up, takes off his uniform cap and wipes the sweat from his brow. I try to throw a smile his way, but it doesn’t quite make it. It crashes against the glass facade behind the cage and slips to the floor with an unpleasant squeal. I don’t think anyone’ll be along to pick it up today.

  • Sorry by Zoran Drvenkar
  • Blue Night by Simone Buchholz

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