Hooky Gear by Nick Barlay

Hooky Gear

Nick Barlay

No happy ending for J's life of crime: the doom of tragedy hangs over him from the start. But like a Shakespearean villain, J has many sides: doting father or violent husband? Antique-loving wit or simple thug? A funny, compelling but bleak story.


I hate the fuckin arsehole ... I done too much explainin in my time to that tosser. But hes my High Road to the Big Coin. Cos of everythin wha his dad hand on to him includin, for a laugh, the pawnbrokers tag of Uncle. I graft for the father. I graft for the son. Thats how it is. Thats how I see it. Cos it this city is all about seekin down the Big Coin an takin hold one way or other for you an yours. An its when you feel things closin in that you start worryin about the future of the Big Coin in your minds eye. An that get me walkin again. That worry always get me walkin again. Only now home faster than ever.

  • The Bobby Dazzlers by Andrew Martin
  • It Was an Accident by Jeremy Cameron

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