Freshers by Joanna Davies


Joanna Davies

A youthful, raucous rite of passage story about three Welsh first year students in 1990s' Aberystwyth. Delving into the darker sides of student life we get everything from simple drunken debauchery through to adultery, abortion and suicide. Moments of humour lift the tone, but this is not for the fainthearted, or for any parent who has recently waved their child off to university!

She was dancing with a very kind man who'd given her a vodka and Red Bull. He was so considerate ... so lovely. She could feel his lips kissing hers hard and she kissed him back - well, it would be rude not to! But then, she started to feel a bit sick; it must have been the Red Bull, the vodka and the punch ... and all that water ... all swishing about together. She pushed the man away, but his body was heavy like iron. He laughed at her with his piranha-like pointy little teeth and pushed his fat hand up her skirt, trying to pull her knickers down. 'Come on,' he said, 'don't be a prick-tease!'
'Ugh!' Lois said feeling the vomit rising in her gullet and before she could run to the loo the expensive jeans of her assailant were covered with a mixture of sick and Red Bull.
'Urgh! Fuck off you slag!' the man shouted angrily as he pushed her away roughly until she landed on her back on the floor.

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