Preston Falls by David Gates

Preston Falls

David Gates

Handle with caution if you're feeling the onset of a life crisis - mid or otherwise! A pacy read, populated with very human characters struggling to deal with life as best they can. Plenty to make you think, feel, laugh and grieve.

In addition to whatever else, he's starting to worry about what could happen at that campground. First he can't wait to get rid of them, now he's imagining serial killers and buggering, throat-slitting prison escapees. (Yes yes yes he knows fears are secret wishes. What doesn't he fucking know? And he let them go - no, he didn't let them go, he fucking drove them out. Well, not exactly. But. What he'd better do, he'd better put Rarhbone in the Truck and get the hell down there before dark. Which is insane. But what if you ignored this premonition and something happened to them? Oh, so now he's elevated this bullshit into a premonition.
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