Far North by Marcel Theroux

Far North

Marcel Theroux

How strong is the will to stay alive when the world lies in ruins and basic survival instincts may outweigh morality? This story of endurance, in the aftermath of the collapse of civilisation, is as bleak and unforgivingly harsh as the Siberian landscape in which it is set. Yet the powerful narrative compels the reader to follow one survivor's journey to its conclusion, in hope that the human spirit can somehow survive against all the odds.

The thing is, to people brought up on a diet of the Bible and the thought of a special place in God's plan, a global disaster is something they've secretly been longing for. We'd been talking about the millenium for centuries. Now it seemed the End Times had arrived...
The Scriptures were certainly fulfilled, though, just not in the way anyone had expected. There was no Second Coming, no lion and lamb lying down together. No. An orderly, modern city descended into a bunch of hungry tribes fighting over a desert. So I guess you could call the Bible a prophetic book in that sense.
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