The End by Salvatore Scibona

The End

Salvatore Scibona

Six tangled lives from an Italian immigrant community in 1950's Ohio weave back and forth over time until drawn together by the events of a single day. I had to push myself to connect with certain characters - think creepy jeweller, elderly abortionist - and skewed time periods. But if you relish an intense and challenging read with spiritual overtones, this vivid, poetic epic could leave you moved and amazed. Not your average beach read!

Does he dare step off the streetcar?
He does step off the streetcar.
Does he dare follow this woman home, a whistling, unlucky woman he has never met before, with a burlap onion sack on her shoulder as she goes up the street now? (We will all have our misfortunes.)
He does follow her.
The old promise, the repudiated dog that loved him. Saying, There is a thing, wrapped in its name. Go on, catch it.
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