Mr Vogel by Lloyd Jones

Mr Vogel

Lloyd Jones

The hero of this story is on a quest - to travel around Wales in search of Mr. Vogel. On this journey, we meet new friends who help him. At first, I found this a tough read and many times I had to re-read sections (especially the anecdotes and digressions) and check out the many unusual words. Having said all this, I stayed with the book unitl the end (Mr Vogel keep me hooked - and I liked his companions and wanted to know what happened to them) and strangely enough, I was glad I did.

Unfortunately, few things go according to plan, and on this morning, nothing went according to plan. Since it was spring they might, indeed, have expected blue skies but had to settle for a dull, vapid, overcast day with fine seeping rain blanking the bus's windscreen. It was then that they discovered the wipers were hand-operated, a task allotted to the boy Luther. It took him most of the journey to master this simple job, and the bus had to slow to a crawl when his energy levels dropped.

The boy had risen before his mother and was therefore magnificently dirty, mephitic and dishevelled, and a newly-hatched toe poked out from one of his tattered shoes. During the night his cold had incubated and he snivelled pathetically throughout the trip, his left sleeve acquiring a steady stream of snot which developed into a thick green slick by the evening. There was one advantage: the boy developed, slowly, a left-right rhythm between turning the wipers and wiping his nose.

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