The Mysteries by Robert McGill

The Mysteries

Robert McGill

Every character in the story has his or her own mystery, all which revolve around the disappearance of Alice Pedersen. It's a very slow and thorough read. It took me a while but I gradually found myself absorbed in the quiet atmosphere of the town and the unpicking of its secrets.

The first search party was just Mike on his own in the dark, once he'd put the kids to bed and Alice's mother had arrived to mind them. It was the second day of winter, twenty-one hours after Alice should have returned from the celebration at the henge. He'd already alerted the Mooney's Dump police and phoned family members to ask if she'd been in touch. No, nothing wrong exactly, he said each time. Let me know right away if you hear from her. Then he drove to Cam Usher's wildlife park, walked the perimeter of the outer fence and surveyed the adjacent field while unseen creatures growled and cackled from their cages. A packed trail led to the centre of the field and the henge itself, a circle of rocks he'd never seen before but knew well enough from Alice's diagrams. He kicked one of them before stumbling into the bush.
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