Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski

Six Stories

Matt Wesolowski

Six Stories has a sprinkling of something for everyone - murder, mystery, lies, truths and sadness. Drawing together six viewpoints of those associated with Scarclaw Fell brings us to a compelling ending. Read this story from start to finish - see how important our formative years are - how they define us and make us the adults that we are. If you tend to read the end of stories before the beginning then don't!


Tomo stopped at the door of the dormitory. He placed his hand on the door-knob. The dogs were going insane; we could hear their claws scraping on the floor. I pictured sharp teeth and pink gums, flecks of froth at their mouths.
'Tomo mate,' I said, 'are they . . .' I gestured to the door. 'Are they going to be OK, when you . . .'
But I saw in his eyes that Tomo knew as much as I about what was going on here. With a hopeless shrug he turned the handle.
'Hang on Tomo, mate, hang on!' Jus shouted.
I braced myself for a flurry of teeth and fur to come bursting from behind the door.
What we saw was worse.

  • The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman by Mindy Mejia
  • Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

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