The Dazzle by Robert Hudson

The Dazzle

Robert Hudson

1934 plays witness to a host of wealthy characters taking part in a fishing contest. Yet behind the smokescreen of a tuna-catching competition, hidden agendas and motives abound aboard The Dazzle. Decadence, adultery and drug-taking cloak this fast set of individuals. I was eager to unveil the true reasons for everyone's presence on board the Earl of Caister's luxury yacht as I suspected that no one was quite how they seemed.

Johnny grins. Something happened this morning that might make his trip north more interesting. In Johnny's inside jacket pocket is a telegram from a mildly famous fraud and raconteur by the name of Mike Mitchell-Hedges ... Johnny told Patterson to find out what is going on and it transpires that the explorer manque has arrived in England with Zane Grey in tow. He has clearly heard about Harlequin and he's embarked on a hare-brained scheme that depends on claiming Johnny's acquaintance. Well, Johnny doesn't mind. Hosting Zane Grey on a boat of Grey's own design will be entertaining, and it will give the papers something to write about other than Johnny. It's not the risk-free option, but it will let him get on with his own thing. Hiding in plain sight.
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