The Visitors by Simon Sylvester

The Visitors

Simon Sylvester

An extraordinary tour de force in sheer creepiness and horror, set in a small island off the Scottish coast. People have been disappearing and the question is simple. Are they the victims of a crazed killer, of supernatural forces or of both? When strangers come to the island, Flo is curious to meet them, but they bring mayhem in their wake. Who are they? And what have they got to do with the missing people? Only one way to find out.

Flashes of the bathtub made my skin prickle, but they grew fewer and further between as the evening rolled on. I sought out memories of that presence against my skin, trying to recall what I had felt, what had happened, but the more we talked - the more beer I drank - the dimmer it became. My heart swelled for the company.
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