A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

A Room Full of Bones

Elly Griffiths

Time Team meets Agatha Christie! Archaeologist Ruth Galloway juggles her university job with a touch of police work and her new baby. Australian and Norfolk folklore, a load of old bones, horse racing plus drug smuggling combine to weave an entertaining tale which kept me guessing. This is one of a series about Ruth - she's a heroine I'd be happy to meet again.

Pale skin, pink cheeks, brown hair. She wishes she had cheekbones like Shona. In fact, she wishes she could borrow Shona's face for the evening. Ruth's been told her best feature is her smile but she never smiles when looking in the mirror so that's not much help. She scowls now, pulling the brush through her tangled hair. She hasn't even got a hairstyle like other women, she thinks bitterly. Her hair just hangs to her shoulders. mid-brown and slightly wavy, as it has done since childhood. Over the last few years she has noticed a few grey hairs appearing. Soon she'll be a white-haired old hag, living alone with her cat, frightening children on Halloween. Something to look forward to, she thinks, turning away from the mirror, smiling now.
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