The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Natasha Pulley

Thaniel works at the Whitehall Telegraph Office where warnings of the Clan na Gael bombings are received. Clockwork devices time the explosions but which London watchmaker is manufacturing these? Helped by Grace, a physics student from Oxford and Mori, a Japanese watchmaker, Thaniel races against time to prevent the next atrocity. This first novel, with brilliant characters, is clever, funny, exciting, tender and extremely atmospheric.

It was a bar opposite the Yard, just down from Trafalgar Square. 'Hope so', Thaniel sent back. 'Plan not to die in service of British Government. Pay insufficient. Remember that watch that was left at my house?'
It was locked before. It opened this morning. I think you should have a look at it.'
'How big?'
'Watch sized.'
'Not explosive then. It's bloody odd, but no time today for anything without dynamite in it. Sorry must go.'
'Wait. You said the timer on the column was set for nine tonight. If there are other bombs, should we expect those at the same time?'
A long pause. Then, 'Yes'.
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