Learning to Lose by David Trueba

Learning to Lose

David Trueba

Madrid is the centre of a story which spins outwards, drawing in characters and locations from around the world. But despite the gloss of global civilisation, the structure suggests that everyone's lives are all just memories and fleeting moments. The interlinking worlds of four narrators create an experience like a thick plate of aquarium glass, flattening the perspective while at the same time revealing the vivid life on the other side.


Hey, Dani, Sunday's my birthday. Oh, yeah? Happy Birthday. I'm having a little party at my house ... Mai's coming. And a few other people. You wanna come? Dani doesn't answer right away. Sunday? Yeah, in the afternoon, on the early side. Around four-thirty, five. Um, I'm not sure if I have plans.

  • The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson
  • The Wrong Blood by Manuel De Lope

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