The Insult by Rupert Thomson

The Insult

Rupert Thomson

If you like crime fiction that's a bit different, this is quite an edgy read. It's not run of the mill at all, and there is more than one mystery to solve. Like all the best crime, this explores the dark corners of human nature. If you like to be surprised by who did it and don't need neat ends, you'll enjoy this one.

At last I set out across the lawn, my cane scanning the blades of grass in front of me, left and right, left and right. I climbed the steps to the entrance, feeling for dimensions, height and width, as I'd been taught. Inside the clinic I followed the corridor that led to my ward. My vision had faded slightly, but I could still make out the pipes massed on the ceiling, the plain wooden chairs against the wall in the visitor's waiting room. I had to be careful to ignore the doctor who was walking towards me. I had to make sure I didn't move to one side. Suddenly it struck me - an exquisite moment, this - that I was only pretending that I couldn't see.
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