On the Floor by Aifric Campbell

On the Floor

Aifric Campbell

Investment banking is the heartland of male chauvinism and misogyny, so can a girl only succeed by superior intellect and virtual blokedom? Only if she sacrifices her emotions as well, and those can't be deadened quite so easily as the scars of childhood. Re-finding those scars might be the key to finding her post-burnout future. No need for insider know-how or knowledge of banking jargon - Geri Molloy's ambition and pain will carry you through.

That night we went to the LA Cafe, brushing past swarms of girls in puffball skirts, and Zanna let me sit at the bar lining up the sea breezes and amusing myself and the barman by composing a Rule Book for Wannabe Female Bankers (subtitle: How to Get On Without Getting Fucked), reading my napkin scrawl...
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