The Valley at the Centre of the World by Malachy Tallack

The Valley at the Centre of the World

Malachy Tallack

A gentle story of life in a remote valley in the Shetland Islands. The residents, some native to the valley, some from other parts of Shetland and some from outside Scotland, go about their daily lives. Their problems are universal, relationship breakups, death, illness and alcoholism. A pleasant story of decent people.

'I hae some news fir dee,' he said, then paused a second longer, trying to find the right words. 'It seems Maggie may juist hae decided dy future'.
'What does du mean?' Sandy spoke slowly.
'Well, shu left da hoose an da croft ta me in her will. An since Ah'm happy eenoo in me ain bed, someen else'll hae to live doon dere.'
Sandy waited for more.
'Shu was thinkin at dee an Emma micht want ta move in , I suppose, if du wanted to wirk da croft, an if du wanted ta hae a family. But, seein as du's chased me dochter awa, I reckon I hae ta affer it ta de, if du wants it.'
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