Dot by Araminta Hall


Araminta Hall

One family, three women of different ages with different personalities doesn't lead to a very conducive home life for daughter, Dot - but she muddles through. A sad but strangely enchanting story with each chapter moving through life and time. The chapters help us to understand why the family, their lovers and friends behave, react and adapt to the circumstances they face. Really nice read with a heart-stopping conclusion.

It is a ridiculous and preposterous thing to say because as we sit here I realise that everyone is special. That people will die today who are special. That the men who blew themselves up for an ethereal idea are special. That we all have our own reasons for being where we are at any moment, but that in the end you simply cannot let any of that count. In the end we are all only in control of ourselves and we have to make our actions count. We have to find our own peace because there are no answers out there. There is no right or wrong; there is no correct way of living. What was it who said we come from nothing and we return to nothing? I can't remember. I just know that in my moment of return I want to know that despite all my mistakes I did my best. That I was loved and that I loved back.
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