The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

The Silver Linings Playbook

Matthew Quick

A tough, manly tale of American football and obsessive bodybuilding - with a spot of dirty dancing thrown in - hides a surprisingly sweet soft centre: just like its mixed-up muscle-bound narrator, Pat. Touching and funny.

By the time we decide to have a catch, I've had two or three beers, and I'd be willing to bet Jake and Scott have each had at least ten, so our passes are not all that accurate. We hit parked cars, knock over a few tables of food, beam one or two guys in the back, but no one cares, because we are Eagles fans in Eagles jerseys who are ready and willing to cheer on the Birds. Every so often, other men will jump in front of one of us and intercept a pass or two, but they always give back the ball with a laugh and a smile.
I like throwing the football with Jake and Scott because it makes me feel like a boy, and when I was a boy, I was the person Nikki fell in love with.
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