The Innocents by Laura Lippman

The Innocents

Laura Lippman

Definition of Pass-the-parcel: multi-layered object passed around a group of individuals with a surprise at the end. Think of this novel in exactly the same way. Each paper layer represents another twist and turn in the story. An excellent novel that interweaves adult, childhood and family secrets from the past and shows the hurt and suffering they can cause many years down the line.

And, although it was hard to envision on such a cold, gray April day, summer was coming, and not even our odd brand of kickball/dodgeball/rugby could fill those longer, emptier days. We needed a new game. Mickey suggested an explorer's club. Sean and Tim said it was babyish, yet the next day we all ended up following her deeper and deeper into the woods, marveling at the things we found. Abandoned campsites, downed trees. Beer cans, garbage. 'Teenagers did this,' Go-Go would say solemnly, as if Tim and Sean were not already teenagers, Mickey and Gwen both about to turn thirteen that autumn. Teenagers were fearsome creatures to Go-Go.
And then we met the man who lived in the woods.
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