Cuban Heels by Emily Barr

Cuban Heels

Emily Barr

At first I thought this would turn out to be a 'Bridget Jones' style story but instead I was soon hooked into how on earth would Maggie, the central character, ever dig herself out of the pit of grief and self pity she had fallen into. A novel with a light touch but dealing with some serious issues.

I file the letter away and wish some of it were true. When I write my stilted lies to my parents, I almost manage to convince myself that, for example, my flat is snug, my job is great, and Libby is my friend. She can be irritating, for sure, but she and I would be good for each other. Sometimes I think she needs some-one like me to put her problems into perspective. She would feel better once she accepted that she has never experienced pain and loneliness in her life.
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