Your Truth or Mine? by Trisha Sakhlecha

Your Truth or Mine?

Trisha Sakhlecha

This diary style narrative introduces Mia and her husband Roy and weaves itself around their intimate and familial relationships. Smoke and mirror deceptions emerge as the pacy story gathers momentum across a few short months. Their once seemingly happy lives are laid bare amid a growing tension and sense of foreboding. The revealing of once hidden truths makes the navigation towards acceptance and forgiveness a shocking and dangerous journey.


My thoughts circle back . . . I remember being scared. Thinking no one was allowed to be this happy. That something must be wrong. Then cursing myself for thinking it. Forcing myself to be happy. Feel happy. Act happy. Was I role-playing again? I've spent the past few weeks hoping and wishing I could go back in time, fix everything that went wrong, but now I find myself wishing it had never happened.

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Explicit sexual content