The Girl with all the Gifts by M R Carey

The Girl with all the Gifts

M R Carey

Post-apocalyptic England is a disturbing place overrun with infected monsters, the grimly named Hungries. As the last remaining humans tread their dangerous course home, there is one central complication to their group dynamic: Melanie. I fell in love with this little hybrid girl who is part monster yet with a very human heart. Thrilling, disturbing and heartbreaking in equal measure, it kept me thinking long after the final page was turned.

Miss Justineau's shoulder's touching her back, and she can feel it moving rhythmically with Miss Justineau's breath. On one level, that fills her with a happiness so complete its stupefying. But this isn't anywhere they can stay, and live. It's just a step on the journey, which is full of uncertainties. And some of the uncertainties are inside her, not out in the world. She is a hungry, with a driving need that will always come back no matter what she does. She has to be kept in chains, with a muzzle over her face, so she won't eat anybody.
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