The Unquiet Dead by Ausma Zehanat Khan

The Unquiet Dead

Ausma Zehanat Khan

An unexplained death and the classic questions - accident, suicide or murder? What looks like an straightforward task for Canadian detectives Esa Khatak and Rachel Getty soon turns into a story of the utmost horror and brutality set during the recent Bosnian conflict. A very, very dark read but if you can bear it, worth the effort. Great characters and atmosphere but oh so sad!!


He’d meant the last words of his prayer to be a blessing asked for his family, in a space he tried to keep for himself, exchanging solitude for solace. Lately, he’d come to accept that there was no separate peace. His work, and the harshness of the choices he had made, bled into everything.

  • Stillness by Courtney Brkic
  • A Sunday at the Pool inKigali by Gill Courtermanche

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