The Saladin Murders by Matt Rees

The Saladin Murders

Matt Rees

Omar Yussef, elderly Palestinian schoolteacher, struggles to provide justice amongst the violent factions 'ruling' in the Gaza Strip. The book combines authentic background with a tortuous plot worthy of an early John Le Carre. The Observer has predicted that this likeable figure will became as popular a detective as Morse or Rebus: I hope he does.

'I wouldn't have left you down there. I'd have dug you up and shipped your body back to Bethlehem. Gaza's a terrible place to stay, even if it's only your bones.' Sami ripped another piece from his T-shirt and tied it round Omar Yussef's palm.
Even if it's only your bones. Omar Yussef thought of Yasser Salah, crushed in the collapsed tunnel. Though Salah was gone, others would die when his stash of weapons was aimed at them. Beyond the grave, the men of Gaza could still wield death. He thought of the skeleton on the pathologist's dissecting table. Who did you rise from the dead to kill?
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