The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg

The Andalucian Friend

Alexander Soderberg

The first in a projected trilogy featuring Stockholm nurse Sophie Brinkmann. The action starts with a bang as the enigmatic Sophie finds herself and her young son at the centre of a terrifyingly violent war between rival international drug lords. Hopefully volume two will arrive in time for my next holidays as this is the perfect airport read. Gripping, edge of seat stuff.

Mikhail rarely felt resentment towards people who beat him up or fired at him, they were just doing the same as him. He'd taken part in serious wars against both Afghans and Chechens; he'd been pinned down under heavy fire....He'd seen friends get shot, blown to pieces, burnt up. And he, for his part, had done the same to the enemy, but his actions had never been about anger or vengeance.
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