East of Hounslow by Khurrum Rahman

East of Hounslow

Khurrum Rahman

Jay is a happy go lucky British born Muslim. He's also a small time drugs dealer who's in serious violent trouble with his supplier. His life changes when he is recruited by the Security Services to infiltrate his local mosque in the hunt for suspected terrorists. This debut novel is humorous to begin with but soon becomes very dark and dangerous. Great diversity of characters with convincing dialogue and a fast pace.

I'm not stupid or naive. I am aware of exactly what is happening around me but you've got to play the game otherwise you might as well carry a big fat kick me sign on your back. Don't walk around wearing a sodding shalwar and kameez with a great big dopey beard and drive around in a fuckin' Honda. That's when you get pulled over and that's when you get racially abused. But not me. Why? 'Cos I play the game.
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