What Ends by Andrew Ladd

What Ends

Andrew Ladd

We witness the demise of hope, a community and a family, as neighbours then siblings leave Trevor to care for declining parents and a failing business on a remote island. Told from the family's points of view the strains imposed on them in bleak conditions couldn't fail to move me. I rooted for Trevor, but I knew he had to move on to learn to live. An elegiac tribute to islanders who have struggled to maintain their way of life.

In the distance the ferry's foghorn sounded, a long, bassoon lament, and Trevor felt a few tears sting his eyes. There had been talk of Flora leaving for months, of course, but until his sister started to pack the night before Trevor had remained impervious to even the slightest unease; it was only with the ferry disappearing that the truth completely struck him: soon he'd be on his own. The island's final child.

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