The Fall by Simon Mawer

The Fall

Simon Mawer

A friendship based on a climbing partnership is like no other. This story makes that very clear. For Rob and Jamie it is unique, intense and life changing. This book had me gripped and kept me thinking about it long after I had finished reading.

'I first knew Jamie when I was about twelve,' I told them, just to put them in the picture. 'Later we climbed together. We shared a great deal, as one does with a climbing partner: meals, climbs, tents, bivouac bags, jokes, all that kind of thing. Occasionally we shared the lead. When he let me.

They laughed at that. They were desperate to laugh. I stopped and looked down at them, and I wanted to say other things. I wanted to tell them about the first climb ever .... And I wanted to tell them about Ruth. Above all, I wanted to tell them about Ruth.

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