Azanian Bridges by Nick Wood

Azanian Bridges

Nick Wood

Set in an alternative South Africa where apartheid has not been abolished and Eugene Terreblanche is President, this is the story of an invention that can change the world. Either for the good or for evil because it is a mind-reading machine. The resistance want to use the machine as a weapon of liberation, the state as a method of control. That is all you need to know.

Numbers pulls the tarpaulin up and crumples it into his big bag, along with his binoculars. He hands me the sandwich. 'Eat well, boy, we still have a very long way to go.'
I stand to eat, bag on my back, peering into the darkness. Numbers stands alongside me, flashing into the night. Then he steadies his right hand, focussing the beam on the sea in front of us. A shape emerges from the darkness, a small rowing boat, with on person rowing, the boat bouncing on the surging of the sea, passing in and out of the torch's light.
'It's too risky bringing the main boat in close. Give me your bag.'
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