Consumed by David Cronenberg


David Cronenberg

To call this book strange is like saying that Genghis Khan was a bit of a warmonger, or that Elizabeth Bathory liked the company of girls. It is seriously weird, starting with the illegal surgery clinic in Hungary, through the cannibalistic murder pact of the Arosteguys to the seriously strange journalism of Naomi and her partner Nathan. This is simply not a usual view of the world, but, from this author, that would be strangely disappointing.

'Dr Trinh was infatuated with Celestine. She adored her, worshipped her, could barely look at her without falling on her knees. It was embarrassing. She was pathetic. Celestine never went back to her after Anatole's diagnosis. And why would Celestine lie to me, tell me she was dying when she wasn't?'
'To induce you to kill her,' said Naomi triumphantly. 'A mercy killing, but not for the reasons you thought.'
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