The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas

The End of Mr Y

Scarlett Thomas

An amazing book which begins like a gothic search for eternal life and morphs into a kind of mind-control computer game whilst remaining compulsively believable throughout. Lots of scientific and philosphical thoughts that I do intend to follow up (may take more than one life though) plus a romantic - and surprising - ending for Ariel the very likeable heroine.

I remember the various times in my life when I've tried to find out about religion .... So many books, so much 'truth'. Surely it can't all be false? Surely it won't all be the same? But all the books do seem the same to me. They all have the same hierarchies. They all have leaders. Even Buddhism has rules over who can really 'belong' and who can't, who is in charge and who is not. And all the leaders are men.
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  • Perelandra by C S Lewis
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