Reckless by Hasan Ali Toptas


Hasan Ali Toptas

The reality of a soldiers life near the war torn Syrian border prompts Ziya to reflect upon his sometimes brutal and disturbing past. In this intense telling, his personal experiences and remembrance of those things once dear to him, but now lost, re-surface. His confused dreams prompt questions about what the future might hold. This read challenges with a conflict of tensions between duty and honour versus personal allegiance and desire.


Ziya looked over at the barbed wire beyond the almond trees, and for a moment each and every one of the Silvan children seemed to flare up and glitter with all the possibilities of life on the other side. After that, he couldn't take his eyes off them for the longest time. It was almost as if his soul had flown over the fence, to hover over those black- eyed, black haired children and their swinging baskets.

'If you ask me, you shouldn't let anything worry you,' whispered Kenan. 'I say we just buckle down and hope for the best and finish our military service and leave.'

  • The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes
  • The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks

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