The Last Goddess by  Kateřina Tučková

The Last Goddess

Kateřina Tučková

This interesting novel gains credibility because you dig into the past with Dora by reading official reports, letters and documents. She is an ethnographic scientist and descendant of a wise woman from the Carpathian mountains. Step by step, she unravels the hectic and violent past of two families and she discovers a terrible secret. It opened my eyes to the atrocities done to women that happened not so long ago.


'So what are the goddesses a relic of, Germanic or Slavic gnosis?'

'That's just it. With so many features in common, I think the only logical explanation is a shared Indo-European basis. If my study can prove as much, the phenomenon of the goddesses of Žítková will take its place among the oldest cultural heritage of Central Europe.'

Lenka's bright enthusiasm was a striking contrast to the dull risotto in front of them. But then she shook her head in disgust.

'It's terrible, isn't it? Dozens of generations of bearers of ancient learning survive the advent of Christianity, the witch trials of early modern times, the carryings-on of local priests and justice, and the scholarly inquiries of the SS. And then they're eliminated by the Bolsheviks.'

Dora nodded in sad agreement.

'I'm afraid you're right. But I'm going to try one more thing. When I finish my study, I'm going to send it to Irma Gabrhelova's daughters, the last Kopanice goddesses.'

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