The Murder Farm by Andrea Maria Schenkel

The Murder Farm

Andrea Maria Schenkel

Are the villagers really so surprised by the multiple killings at the Damner farm? As different voices give their views, interspersed by the murderer's recollections, the book builds to its inevitable (but to me surprising) climax. The changes in narration mean that you'll need to concentrate but any fan of noir crime should think the effort very worthwhile. Thoroughly recommended.

Marie couldn't sleep on our sofa any more, and Erwin was tired of it all too, he'd wanted to be rid of her long ago. I pedalled and pedalled. I didn't stop. I just wanted to get away, right away!

I wanted to get away from my guilty conscience as well.

After a while there was water running down my cheeks. I thought at first it was because the cycling made me sweat so much. But then I realised it was tears.
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