Yuki Chan in Bronte Country by Mick Jackson

Yuki Chan in Bronte Country

Mick Jackson

Yuki, a young Japanese girl, comes to Bronte country to retrace her dead mother's steps. She has very little English, money or clothes - only her mother's photos. Befriended by a local girl, the pair set out on a journey of discovery across the Yorkshire moors. Their adventures include shooting a rambler, being bitten by a dog and breaking into a Care Home. Yuki is a brilliant and funny creation. Atmospheric and imaginative. I loved it!

She turns to leave, but instead of seeing Denny creeping off across the moors, Yuki finds her standing right beside her, with the gun at arm's length pointing down into the valley, with one eye tightly shut. If she'd had the time Yuki might've asked her if she was sure this was such a good idea. But she sees Denny grit her teeth and narrow her open eye a little. Hears a 'schtack', sees the gun recoil and Denny's arm kick back with it.
A terrible shriek comes up from the valley. Kukiko turns and looks. The woman with the dog has her back to Yuki and Denny, but is standing straight as a post, clutching her backside.
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