A Not So Perfect Crime by Teresa Solana

A Not So Perfect Crime

Teresa Solana

Eduard and Borja are probably the most unusual private investigators to patrol the mean streets of Barcelona - or indeed of any other city. Go with them and enjoy some remarkable twists and turns, including a truly classical murder method, before reaching a very satisfying ending. I very much hope this is the first of many outings for the pair.

I'm convinced that Monse knows all this, but, as standard-bearer for the hippy movement, she has to cling to this incense-scented superstition in order to stay sure that the world is still a good place to live in. I'm considerably more pessimistic, because I don't think the problem can be reduced to a handful of wise men from the East and a bunch of perverts from the West. It's my firm belief that the problem is that there are right bastards everywhere, in mass-production, in fact, and they're the ones who fuck us all up.
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