The Testimony of Taliesin Jones by Rhidian Brook

The Testimony of Taliesin Jones

Rhidian Brook

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a child floating above the world, observing all from a distance? If so, then Taliesin will feel like a soulmate. A soft-boiled book which slides through the defences of scepticism.

Taliesin expects to feel and see something - electric currents or lightning shooting from the ends of his fingers. But all he feels and sees is the breathing of Mrs Willis who has her eyes closed, and the soft murmuring of Billy Evans, whispering pianissimo prayers. The lady seems to relax to his touch. It is an extraordinary thing to do and yet it feels utterly meant, as natural as drinking tea. He is healing someone, playing a duet alongside his teacher and all it requires is belief.
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