Tregian's Ground by Anne Cuneo

Tregian's Ground

Anne Cuneo

Religious intolerance wrecks lives ... a contemporary tale? No, this is Renaissance Europe. It teems with life: from weavers to lords and from Shakespeare to Monteverdi. Follow the footsteps of the unconventional Tregian, nobleman, musician and spy and listen to the lessons of the past.

'Master Francis, you will surely have to leave Golden. There can be no hope of your father saving his estates for you. So look at your kingdom now. Look at it well. Engrave it on your heart. And if, one day, you find yourself a pilgrim without hearth or home, far from here, poor and miserable, you need only shut your eyes to see the river again and the countryside, as they were yesterday, as they are today, as they will be tomorrow. Giants fight in the sky, but the wind will sweep them away. The land will always be here. Your land. Wherever you are.'
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